Sunday, 16 April 2017

He is risen! - Easter message from Canon Nick Moir

I think I could cope with an Australian Christmas - t-shirt, shorts, barbecue on the beach...  But I'm not sure about an autumnal Easter.  For me the celebration of the Resurrection is tied up with the coming of spring, the warming of the earth, new-born lambs and lengthening hours of daylight.

Spring is in the air and that brings a feeling of Hope.  The natural rhythm of the seasons chimes with those time-bound but eternal moments of death and resurrection that shape the way Christians view life, the world and everything.  The last days of Jesus on earth are for us the most meaningful moments of history, where we are touched by eternity.  Easter Day is the most joyous day of all - the loveliness of spring and the wonder of Resurrection combine to lift our hearts and fill our lips with Alleluias!

May the joy of Easter be yours too.

Canon Nick Moir