Monday, 2 November 2020

All Souls Choral Service: Tuesday 3rd Nov, 8.00pm

We will be marking the feast of All Souls with a contemplative choral service on the evening of Tuesday 3rd November. The service blends together readings, poetry and silence with beautiful choral music, including works by Bainton, Harris, Wesley and Joubert. 

To keep everyone as safe as possible, the service will be streamed live from church, and only available online via YouTube. We regret it will not be possible to allow congregation to attend the service in person at the church. 

The service will be available online at:, and you are encouraged to join us from your homes, and to have a candle with you which you can light alongside the choir and officiant in the church, in commemoration of the departed.

The service begins at 8.00pm, and will last about an hour. We look forward to you joining us online.